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Chris Worla is a teacher , a farmer and a blogger. He is a socio - political news analyst and anti- corruption crusader who believes many of the challenges in the developing world are inextricably linked to dysfunctional systems and leadership deficit. He believes leadership is cause, everything else is effect. Get leadership right, and all the other pieces shall fall in the right places.


GROPING IN THE DARK; THE DILEMMA OF EDUCATION IN THIS TOWN …………………………………………………………….. “In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists” ~ Eric Hoffer On…

Loser Gets None

“Kpéndé, bliba, ne me fui asi wo dé ata via.” This is an Ewe expression which loosely translates as, “ will you cry if I snatched the food from your hand?”. As kids, we played some weird kind of games….

COVID-19, a Myth?

We saw the visible anger with which Mad Ursula Owusu ordered the closure of the MTN offices in Dansoman, for ignoring social distancing protocols… We saw the dispatch with which the pastor and his elders of a church were picked…

Voters in a queue

Of the Incompetent & the Misled

  Hopefully, in this December 2020, we’d queue again to the polls to repeat our mistakes. We’ve been at this for eons. Nothing is going to change. Not soon. We have opted for parliamentary democracy and we’ve been experimenting it…

Of Intransigent Leadership and Tired Shoulders

The events that eventually culminated in the riots in KNUST in the last couple of days, have one underlining factor; intransigence. Many things have happened in the lead up to the chaos we saw. A proactive university leadership would have…


More Power, Less Sense

Truth is this, we cannot stop talking about this. The floods and filth in Accra. We’ve been at it for many years. We have talked a lot and acted very little. Our president, H.E. Nana Addo  Dankwa Akufo-Addo has stoked…

Life is short


I sat in my boss’s office this morning (12 Sept, 2017) as he admonished a colleague who had just narrated a burglary incident in his house to us. Apparently, thieves broke a side glass of his ‘locked’ car, too away…