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GROPING IN THE DARK; THE DILEMMA OF EDUCATION IN THIS TOWN …………………………………………………………….. “In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists” ~ Eric Hoffer On…

Of Intransigent Leadership and Tired Shoulders

The events that eventually culminated in the riots in KNUST in the last couple of days, have one underlining factor; intransigence. Many things have happened in the lead up to the chaos we saw. A proactive university leadership would have…

Life is short


I sat in my boss’s office this morning (12 Sept, 2017) as he admonished a colleague who had just narrated a burglary incident in his house to us. Apparently, thieves broke a side glass of his ‘locked’ car, too away…

Good to be Back

I’ve taken an unannounced leave for close to two years. It was a period of self-introspection. Feels good to be back again. I trust you’ve all been keeping well. Let’s refresh the conversations and keep them alive. Watch out for…

When You Came Calling

Thy steps quick and brief When you came calling, Not as those of a burglar in the thick of the dense night, But as those of that distant relation everyone yearned to see. You came calling in thine stupendous elegance…


Let’s Fight; Peace Ain’t Profitable

So why did it even take us this long to realize it? This war is long overdue. Well, better late than never. Now that we have been jostled out of our long sleep, let’s just get down to work and…


An African Mentality? I Beg Your Pardon

“Ghana in final after crowd trouble”. The BBC has been very charitable with its headlines. The write up focused less on the details of the “crowd trouble”. The angle is good; for Africa and African football. Now wait a minute….

Let’s say it!

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