Let’s Fight; Peace Ain’t Profitable

So why did it even take us this long to realize itcongo-war-12-1? This war is long overdue. Well, better late than never. Now that we have been jostled out of our long sleep, let’s just get down to work and get this done with. Let’s stoke the fires. Let’s take entrenched positions and remain intransigent. People who should know better, let them fetch the firewood and bring the petrol as well. Let government and its outfits continue to fall over one another in their bid to contradict themselves and confuse us all. But while at it, let’s just quicken the pace.

After all, this ‘constitutional violation’ has been going on for more than half a century. We have drunk too much from this well of peace. We have traded in this currency called peace, for 58 years of our nationhood. Now, it’s no more profitable. Come on guys, let’s start that war already. Let’s put a religious cloak around its neck. It will sell faster. Religious extremists will come along from the far east with foreign direct investment. Weapons will abound. Before long, we shall bring Ghana to her knees.

Then, there shall be no worry about whether Muslim or Christian students shall be compelled to observe religious rights against their will in our high schools. Indeed, there will be no more high schools or Muslim or Christian students by the time we done.

Let’s fight; peace has never been profitable.


  1. Asaase Yaa

    For a moment, it seemed Ghana had been spared from the murky debate on headscarfs and minarets which is raging all over the world. Are we wading into troubled waters with the full consciousness of what it might lead to? My heart’s skipped a beat.

    • ChrisWE

      Asaase Yaa, I share your fears too. Somehow, it appears to me as though we have our eyes wide open and we’re being lead to a slaughter house. I pray we don’t get there.

      Thanks for coming through and leaving your thoughts.

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