When You Came Calling

Thy steps quick and brief When you came calling, Not as those of a burglar in the thick of the dense night, But as those of that distant relation everyone yearned to see. You came calling in thine stupendous elegance…


Let’s Fight; Peace Ain’t Profitable

So why did it even take us this long to realize it? This war is long overdue. Well, better late than never. Now that we have been jostled out of our long sleep, let’s just get down to work and…


They have priorities; we have Black Stars

Not too long ago, the government and people of Kenya made a huge stride towards achieving energy sufficiency. Kenya is now the world’s number 7 highest producer of Geothermal power as they commissioned a 140MW Geothermal plant; another milestone in…

My new neighbours

Useless Musings

I spent a considerable amount of time observing my two new co-tenants. They have been busy all morning , trying to put in shape their new apartment. A couple had moved out of it a week earlier . We hadn’t…


An African Mentality? I Beg Your Pardon

“Ghana in final after crowd trouble”. The BBC has been very charitable with its headlines. The write up focused less on the details of the “crowd trouble”. The angle is good; for Africa and African football. Now wait a minute….


Toyota is Watching

Toyota is Watching Before yesterday, the last time I drove myself from Accra to Kumasi was almost a year ago. I decided to do it again yesterday, all by myself. It was quite eventful. I was unable to take note…

Building A Nation, One Family at A Time; The HODA Example

So at the invitation of my wife, I attended and sat through the 6th annual thanksgiving service of HODA (House of Duffour & Associates) Holdings, at the Accra International Conference Center today. The main auditorium was almost full by the…

Let’s say it!

Chris Worla Letssayit is a social news blog site that encourages open minded discussions and debate on topical news issues.


The state of which Nation, Mr. President?

Good Evening, Your Excellency! How far? Hmmm,Your Excellency, you see, I have been trying to get a few ideas through to you before the ‘State of the Nation’ address today. They were basically signals and snippets of information I picked…