Another Nonsense

So when would Ghanaian politicians learn any lessons? I am making a specific reference to the two main political parties- NDC and NPP. The December 2008 elections were generally acclaimed by the outside world as free and fair. Any time I hear stuff like that, I wonder if the international community would also ever tell us the truth. Six polling centres in the Akwatia constituency have had their polls cancelled and this is to be re-run on Tuesday, August 18. Why? It was marked by violence and a lot of nonsense.

About 48 hours to that re-run, these two parties and their followers are foolishly hewing each others limbs just to ensure victory for another greedy self seeking member of parliament. This evening on News Nite, the leadership of the two parties trade accusations and counter accusations. They can’t seem to bring their supporters under control. These are people who want us to give them the mandate to make decisions that would affect the 22million citizens of Ghana. They have no shame and they have not the slightest shred of wisdom nor leadership skills. All they are chasing, I bet, is the useless title of HONOURABLE, for their dishonourable heads. 

And as if to add insult to injury, the Ghana Police that has touted its achievements on the rooftops in recent times, can’t seem to bring just six polling stations to order. They declared a dusk to dawn curfew, yet, the hooligans and vandals are having a field day. According to Nana Ohene Ntow (NPP General Secretary), the police looked on while he was being manhandled by supporters of the NDC. If we must believe him (I have no reason to doubt him-the Ghana Police is capable of such rubbish), that is another dent on an already badly damaged reputation of the service.

So when will all these nonsense stop? Can’t the NDC and the NPP bring their senseless supporters to order? Unconfirmed reports have it that in the heat of the disturbances, some innocent lives have been lost. Mark my words, nobody would be brought to justice for that crime. We have seen such things in the past. That is why I would always take with a pinch of salt, the assessment of the elections in Ghana by the international community. This crazy uncontrolled passion for power and its attendant hooliganism must stop, and quickly too. I bow my head in shame. So should the leadership of NDC and NPP. Rawlings should be bold enough to call his boys to order and stop playing the ostrich. K4 and Akuffo-Addo should do likewise. As for Atta Mills, I’m sure he is cursing his stars by now because his balls and guts are too soft for this kind of business. Young men and women in the NDC government; Sammy Okudzeto and his colleagues should be as vociferous as they used to be in opposition, they should mince no words in condemning the outright misbehaviour of their ilk. Baba Jamal and his contender on the NPP ticket should tell their followers that the contest is NOT and should not be reduced into a do or die affair. As for Baba Jamal, he is already a deputy minister of state, what at all in heaven’s name has he got to lose when he loses that seat? Unless there is a secret ulterior motive up their sleeves. I am tempted to believe that their desires for the Akwatia seat, do not stem from a genuine wish to serve mother Ghana.

This nonsense must stop. My anger drives the cold away for now.
16-Aug., 09. Worla.

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