Flosell Farms Registers over 100 Women and Children of Bakpa on the NHIS

More than a hundred women and children in the Bakpa-Tademe community in the South Tongu constituency in the Volta region, can now access basic healthcare thanks to the intervention of Flosell Farms, a subsidiary of Flosell Limited.

As part of efforts to create value for communities within which it operates, the agri-business outfit has enrolled women and children of the Bakpa community on to the national health insurance scheme. The gesture comes as a huge relief to the beneficiaries as access to basic healthcare was hitherto, a distant dream.

Prior to the commencement of Flosell’s operations in Bakpa, the inhabitants did not have a regular employment and so could hardly pay for basic necessities such as healthcare delivery. The indigenes are predominantly subsistence farmers whose activities are seasonal and entirely dependent on favourable weather conditions.

The assemblyman for the area, Mr Fabien Darpaah underscores the importance of the assistance saying,

“In fact, we cannot say thank you enough to Mr. Danso and Flosell Farms for their help. In Bakpa, we have to wait for the rains to be able to do anything meaningful that could bring food to us. Because of that, many of our young people have moved to the cities and the women and children left behind cannot afford cost of medical treatment when they fall sick. This is even more serious as we do not have a healthcare facility here in Bakpa-Tademe. So with this NHIS cards, at least, our women and children can get treatment in nearby communities where there are clinics, when they fall sick”

The Chief Farmer (Chief Executive) of Flosell Farms, Mr. Evans Danso explains the company’s decision to undertake the exercise, indicating,

“We have been here for barely one year and among the many challenges we have identified is the inhabitants’ inability to access medical care. We do not intend to solve all their problems, but to complement what government is doing, by helping to register the vulnerable, particularly women and children, on to the national health insurance scheme. We believe that a healthy community will provide the needed manpower for our activities here on our farms.”

Flosell Farms is currently engaged in agriculture tilapia farming, a project which is designed to meet the protein requirements of Ghanaians and provide good return on investment for investors. The company produces tilapia fingerlings and table size fishes of sizes 1, 2 and 3. Flosell has two project sites in Dawhenya and Bakpa-Tademe, providing employment for more than 50 young people directly and indirectly.

Flosell Limited is a registered Ghanaian company providing project development services in agricultural and non-agricultural sectors.


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