Useless Musings

I spent a considerable amount of time observing my two new co-tenants. They have been busy all morning , trying to put in shape their new apartment. A couple had moved out of it a week earlier . We hadn’t spoken to each other. I pretended they were none of my business. Truth is I didn’t want to disturb them. The woman was the one fixing ‘things’ as the man fetched the materials.

At their pace, and judging from the quantum of work required to make their apartment habitable, a casual observer could tell they had a long way to go. I felt their pain silently. There wasn’t much I could do anyway. What was sure however, was the determination and resilience in their eyes. It was clear they knew what they were about. They had a vision and they were going to build that nest one twig at a time. Long, torturous journey. Yet one step, one flight, one leaf at a time, these doves were creating their home where my prepaid electricity metre used to be.

So, driving down to town, I’ve been playing back in my mind, the activities of these birds. Then it dawned on me, in a couple of days, Ghana will be 58 years old ; more than half a century; in darkness.

If only someone had learnt the trick of my new neighbours, the doves. Well, it may just be a useless dove mentality.

My new neighbours

My new neighbours


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