Hello Mr. President

Sir, I’m not a very happy young man this morning. I don’t intend to be charitable in my diction as I vent my frustrations on you and your government for what I consider as ineptitude, inaction and the unnecessary ‘walk-about’ that you have decided to embark on lately, when clearly all is not well with this country. In fact, I’m in no mood to treat you with kid gloves at all.

You see, for a moment, I thought you had travelled out of the country on a long holiday somewhere in the Bahamas. Clearly, you don’t enjoy travelling like Kuffour, your predecessor. Little did I know you were only in a self-induced comatose and sitting on your behind in the castle, only to come out occasionally to pay ‘surprised visits’ to the wrong places. Mr. President, I do recall that in the heat of the 2008 presidential campaigns, one of the things that did the trick for you was the I-care-for-you promise that you were going to be a father to all if we gave you the chance to sit in the castle ‘small’.

Mr. President, I must say unequivocally, that I’m not in the least enthused (not that I matter much anyway) about what you have done and what you have not done this far. I’m still struggling to see that father figure in you. Mr. President, I know you cannot pretend not to know about the myriad of problems across the length and breathe of this nation. I’m particularly incensed by your seeming lack of balls in all these troubles.

Mr. President, over the past couple of weeks, (in case you didn’t know), hardly would a day pass without some silly so-called party foot soldiers of your ruling National Democratic Congress, embarking on some senseless banditry and rampage, taking innocent Ghanaian citizens hostage for one flimsy excuse or the other. All of a sudden, these your boys have become larger than life and take everybody ransom demanding their own share of the booty. They claim the promises you and your cohorts made to them in the pre-election campaigns have not been fulfilled. Your appointees have become arrogant and untouchable, living in some ivory tower with closed doors. These boys have seized practically everything ‘seizable’ in this country. The other day, it was the keys to the toilet at Agbogbloshie. Yesterday it was the lorry park at Amankwakrom. Today, it is their own party head office. Tomorrow, it is likely going to be the keys to that useless edifice of a Presidential Palace Kuffour also thoughtlessly built in the lame duck days of his leadership, when the Children’s Hospital in Accra was still suffocating in waterlessness.

Sir, your government has been shouting on roof tops lately about the one million plus jobs that you have created in fifteen months. Your boys say they can’t find the jobs. I agree with them. The jobs, I’m sure exist only on paper. So why are you quiet in all these? Would a responsible father of a house sit down and look on while some of his children go this ungovernable?

As for those guys in the north, the least said about them the better. Either somebody up there has some of the screws in their heads loosed or that some stupid self-seeking politician is sitting in Accra and making gains out of the conflicts there. Systematically and consistently, my brothers in the north have reduced themselves to a senseless fighting bunch, hacking one another with machetes every minute. The people who are paid to oversee security there say their hands are tied. Mr. President, if you ask me, we’ve spent enough resources on the useless wars in Bawku and other areas in the north. What we should be considering is this. Buy guns and machetes for all of them. Quarantine them and ask them to fight. When the last man dies, the useless wars would come to and end. Then we wouldn’t have to spend a penny on keeping peace there again. Maybe, we can use the battlefield for some state farm.

You see, uncle President, with all these troubles brewing over your head, the least I expect from you is to embark on a ‘walk about’. By the way, are you considering a surprise visit to Bawku any time soon?

Yesterday, Koku Anyidoho, your Communications Director was alluding to the fact that you were going to enjoy an eight year term. Sir, please if you intend to run again for presidency in 2012, my candid opinion is this, you would lose. I believe you were a better teacher.

We have been watching, and we shall keep watching, even here in the heat.

An angry observer,

Worla- 08/04/10.

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