Touch Not My Annointed

Touch not my anointed ones, do my prophets no harm, 1 Chronicles 16:22″. Indeed, I do not intend to touch God’s anointed one this morning, neither do I wish to do him any harm. Amen.But I definitely do wish to seek answers to a few questions that kept me awake all night.

A few days after the Black Satellites lifted the ultimate diadem in Cairo, facebook and other social-networking sites on the world wide web became awash with all kinds of superstitious gossip. I have been trying to trace the genesis of the entire hullabaloo and last night, I finally tumbled upon a video purportedly made by a certain prophet TB Joshua of a certain synagogue, claiming (or was he?) to have gotten a revelation of the outcome of the final match between Ghana and Brazil. The video which is about 9mins 36secs long, is what has set many tongues wagging and engendering all kinds of interpretations. There have been some extrapolations even to the effect that the same man of God did predict the outcome of Ghana’s 2008 elections. No doubt, God is still in the miracle business.

So all night, here in the cold, I was wondering, if indeed the TB Joshua revelation-cum-prediction had anything at all to do with the outcome of the match. I would be the first to admit that the Black Satellites were a pale shadow of themselves on the day. Brazil clearly outpaced, outplayed and even outnumbered them in every department of the game. Consistently, ball possession between the two sides was 42% to 58%, with Brazil gaining the upper hand. It was clear, to all Ghanaians, I surmise, that it was going to take a miracle of a sort to win that match.

But coming to think of it, TB Joshua’s predictions or prophecies or revelations, weren’t they obvious to everybody who must have been following the output of the two teams from the start of the tourney? If TB said the match was not going to be easy at all, which of you didn’t know that before hand? For heaven’s sake, did any of us need to be told that a final match of that pedigree between Ghana and Brazil was going to be crunchy? Even me, in my elemental state, could tell that the encounter was going to end in penalties. No revelations. I only knew Brazil were going to take the fight to Ghana but the only African reps left in contention would want to prove a point and so they were going to hold their won and fight till the last iota of strength in them waned. Based on that, was there not a very high possibility that any of the black boys was going to be sent off for rough play, since they would employ every desperate measure in, and outside of the books to keep their head above the waters? This is where I feel TB Joshua’s predictions are more scientific than prophetic. Ok, let’s say they are scientifico-prophetic.

TB also instructed, as per the video I watched (why do I have a very strong feeling that the said video could even be fake?), that the Satellite player in the number 10 jersey should be made to take the first penalty for the Ghanaians. And this one too is supposed to be a revelation? Wow! From what I gathered in the video, TB must have been religiously following the tournament with a very keen eye on the Satellites. So he must have seen Dede Ayew’s exploits often. He wears the number 10 jersey and he happens to be the captain of the squad. He is a very good player. No questions about that, and I heard a few people even suggest that he is a better leader than his father Abedi Ayew Pele. Simple logic tells me that coach Borborvic Sellas Tetteh would definitely make him take the first shot. Leadership by example. It did not require any mysterious revelations. Forget about what TB told Tetteh.

And this other nonsense about TB predicting that Atta Mills was going to win the 2008 elections after a third round etc. Please. Let’s de-link Atta’s victory from that revelation. The signs were on the wall, weren’t they? Ghanaians desperately needed a change from the leadership of the NPP hoodlums. Atta was not any better than the other contestants. He only happened to be on the ticket of the biggest opposition party. As far as I remember that election did not go into a third round. Can we please cut the crap and stop this TB Joshua hogwash?

Well, I am back into hibernation. The cold is getting severe but thanks be to God, I am now counting my days.
Worla 21-10-09

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