The Morning after the Vuvuzelas Went Dead

Good morning dear God. As I struggle this morning, to come to terms with what happened to the dreams of a continent, kindly allow me to seek answers to a few questions from you.

God, just a little over 24 hours ago, the hopes, the dreams, the aspirations and the history of a whole continent were placed on the tender shoulders of 11 young men. We saw history beckon and we were sure it was a done deal. We knew it, that Ghana was about to chalk yet another first. Then before anyone could say jack, we blew it. Now, those dreams and aspirations are like accident vehicles abandoned by the alleyways of life. We’re so heartbroken and distraught, that it is only fair that you help us understand some of your ways, God.

· God, was it not our time? Didn’t they say Ke Nako?

· Did you bring us this far only to show us the land of Canaan and to deny us entry?

· Why did you choose to give us a penalty in the dying embers of the game?

· God, of all the places on the turf, why did you choose to give those guay-guay boys, a free-kick so close to our goal area?

· God, if you knew Asamoah Gyan was going to waste that perfect opportunity you gave us, why didn’t you cause someone else to take that kick?

· Ok, God, that Asamoah Gyan wasted that penalty in itself wasn’t as bad as John Mensah coming to stand behind the ball as if he was going to give a pass to the guay-guay goalie, and indeed, he passed the ball to him. God why?

· As if that was not painful enough, God, you looked on why Dominic Adiyia also in a similar fashion, passed the ball to the goal-keeper. Or God were you a little busy doing something else at the time?

God, you see, there are more questions than answers. They say your ways are not ours. But in this case, I just want to understand why you looked on while we were denied history. God please take some time out of your busy schedules and provide answers to these questions for us. That way, we shall have some peace and be rest assured that indeed, you knew what we did not know.

These and other things we ask through your Son and our Lord and brother Jesus Christ, Amen.

Till then, dear God, I remain here in the heat, very much heartbroken.

Worla: 03/07/10

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