Procession 1-Hanging Day

Fortunately, I didn’t watch the first half of the Ghana-Netherlands international friendly last night. I got home on time to watch the second half, and honestly, I regretted I did. The Black Stars were just not there. Appiah, Sulley, Quincy and co were pulled out when they ‘helped’ to concede one goal. Gyan and others were brought in only to deepen our owes. We received 3 more goals but managed to redeem one.

You see, if the day promises to be good, you can see clear signs of that from the morning. I hinted about two months ago that we needed to camp these boys early enough if we were serious about getting any results out of them. As expected, some ‘too-known’ football connoisseurs took me on for my loud mouth and ‘empty headedness’ when it comes to football. No problem.

If what we saw last night is anything to go by, I bet, the Black Stars are going to play only three games in South Africa, and we may lose all. Mark my words.

The other day, I heard Prez Mills had warned that ministers who had no direct connection to football as part of their mandate, have no business going to South Africa. Prior to this, I had also picked up snippets of information that some regional ministers were making feverish plans to go spend one whole month in the Sun City watching football. When I heard this, my immediate reaction was “that’s no big deal”. After all nothing will change. Their presence here ain’t getting us anywhere anyway. Even when they are here, apart from attending funerals and a couple of knee-jerk reactions to situations that have almost gone out of hand, we hardly see what they are doing. They may as well go on vacation. My initial worry had been that they may have to spend state resources on that jolly-ride.

Did Koku Anyidoho say Prez Mills himself is going to SA at the invitation of Jay-Zee to watch a match? Really? What has happened to leadership by example?

In the meantime, somebody tell coach ‘Whatever-vac’ his name is, to sack Richard Kingston too.

I remain sincerely yours in the heat.

Worla, 02/06/10

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