The two old johns!!!!

Dear Excellencies, former presidents John Korshivi Rawlings and John Kofi Kufuor, in case you don’t know, let me remind you that Ghana would not come to a standstill because of you two. In fact, we don’t give a toss if you two decide not to speak to each other, even at the Lord’s Supper. This hypocrisy of yours is beginning to get on our nerves. For crying out loud, the two of you had led this nation for more than half her age. If you two were any good, I bet Ghana would have been a better place than it is now.

Sirs, the other day, I heard you were invited to eat the Lord’s Supper with a certain king/chief. Thereafter, you turned around to vent your spleens on each other. Efo Korshivi, I heard you calling for some justice to be done before you can reconcile with Bra Kofi. Bra Kofi’s boys say you have no moral right to mount such a stance. You see, I think I’m tempted to agree with them. My position is that you both are guilty of all kinds of atrocities and corruption over the past 28 years of Ghana’s nationhood. You (the two of you) therefore cannot be ones calling for that so-called justice. For me, whether or not you choose to reconcile here on earth or in the life beyond, is inconsequential to us, to say the least. If anything at all is worthy of our attention, you owe it to yourselves and your great grandchildren, to just shut up and enjoy the largesse that you milked this poor nation of. If you two have any ‘excellencies’ left in you, please give us a break. We need water and regular supply of electricity.

Worla 08/05/10

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