Speech is Silver; Silence is Golden

Former President J.J. Rawlings does not cease to amuse me anytime he speaks his mind on how the Mills administration is running the country. After a sumptuous meal (I’m sure prepared by Nana Konadu), in his Ridge residence on Tuesday 9th February, he decides to treat his many fans and party faithful to some of his usual no-nonsense vituperations. He makes very scathing comments about the Mills government. 

I find very interesting his assertion that his protégée is presiding over indiscipline. He makes reference to one Ludwig (Hlordze?), who drives home escorted by dispatch riders. Hmmm, let’s hope that allegation is not true. He makes so many equally devastating allegations against the Mills government. 

My concern is that when contacted for their reactions to Rawlings’ outrages, the bigwigs of the NDC have refused to comment. Have they been cowered into silence by the old man? Could their silence mean a tacit admittance that the Mills administration is indeed presiding over rot and indiscipline? Is Rawlings ‘running his mouth’ too much? Is it true that certain characters in the Mills administration are indeed going ungovernable? Well, there’re more questions than answers. 

For now, I choose to be silent and watch from the touchlines in the heat of Kumasi. After all, like they say, speech is silver, but silence is golden. 

Worla, 10-02-10

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