When the Shoe is on the Other Leg

These boys must be made to know that they are arrogant, truant, indisciplined; they’ve let themselves down, they’ve let Ghana down, they’ve let their parents down…” I’m trying to quote as closely as possible the closing remarks of a certain Ebo Appiah on Joy Fm’s sports analysis program this afternoon. I sat through it all fuming and hurting at this Ebo Appiah and Dr Nyaho-Nyaho Tamakloe for their position on the punishment meted out to Sulley Ali Muntari, Micahel Essien and Asamoah Gyan for their decision not to go to Angola for that practically unnecessary friendly match.

Nyaho-Nyaho Tamakloe and Ebo Appiah are of the opinion that the $5000 fine on these boys, is insignificant. As usual, they went on ranting and raving about a tougher fine and possibly an outright dismissal from the Black Stars Squad. I must say I am so disappointed, to say the least, in this holier-than-thou attitude of these two gentlemen.

There is absolutely no point in punishing these young chaps, in my opinion. These boys did nothing wrong when they decided not to play in a friendly match that was not going to add anything to our ranking on the FIFA scale. Their absence made way for other players who would not otherwise have the chance to show what they also have up their sleeves. So far, nobody has been forthcoming with the reason for their decision not to play. All we are doing is to lambaste them as if they have done something so untoward. People have started playing the moral card and claiming it sets a bad precedence, etc. What cheap argument!

Since when have we made footballers role models? When a minister of state flouts these moral rules, we turn our eyes elsewhere and say nothing. Where were Dr Tamakloe and Ebo Appiah when Dr Richard Anane and Mubarak Muntaka were each implicated in moral and financial misconduct? The worst that happened to them was, for them to turn in their resignation letters; and for Anane to pick up his position a year later.. Why are we making mountains out of a mole hill? Is it only when the shoe is on the other leg that it matters? For JoyFm to give Ebo Appiah such platform to vent such vituperations and make such unacceptable allusions to the players’ parents, is simply regrettable. Why do I sense some jealousy in their talk? Please leave these boys alone.

As I said in an earlier note, these boys must understand that they are not indispensable. Asamoah Gyan for instance has never been my kind of a striker. So we can do without him. But that is no reason whatsoever to lash out at them like that.
And hey, let’s stop pretending to be what we are not.

My unsolicited opinion from the cold, is that the boys should refuse to pay the $5000 fine and call the bluff of the GFA, who also failed to put their acts together. Nobody can do them huu.

Worla 11-12-09

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