Life is shortI sat in my boss’s office this morning (12 Sept, 2017) as he admonished a colleague who had just narrated a burglary incident in his house to us.

Apparently, thieves broke a side glass of his ‘locked’ car, too away valuables. he Locked the car.

For close to two weeks, I’ve been having issues with my Facebook timeline, an account I’ve been running for more than 8 years. I’ve done a lot of advocacy and shared my thoughts on life and many socio-political issues on that timeline. I’ve stored tons of memoirs I hold so dear, with friends and family, on there.

I’ve jealously guarded the vault that held the key to this account.

Then I woke up one morning,my phone messed up and somehow, that account seems to be slipping through my fingers. I’ve tried all the tricks in the books and those outside of the books to regain access. Nothing has worked so far. I ain’t giving up though.

then it dawned on me. It doesn’t really matter for how long or how hard we try. This thing called life, is but a glass. The slightest error and…

Look, just live life. Waste no moment.

Until the Lord secures the house…

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