Nonsense Galore

I had mentioned in an earlier article that Atta Mills will go down the political history of Ghana as one president who had instituted the highest number of committees and commissions. Most of them absolutely useless. I do commend him however for the committee that is probing the Ghana @50 celebrations. My only problem with it is that the members of the panel are either afraid to ask the right questions or that they don’t have the wherewithal to do so. If it is possible, I suggest, the panel should be reinforced.

Tarzan appeared before that committee last week and said all kinds of rubbish and went away with it. Today, it was the turn of Kwadwo ‘December-head’ Mpianim to answer questions. I skipped classes to listen to him and I have never been so hurt in along time. A friend on facebook says, it is possible academic degrees are sold over the counter in some African countries. I am tempted to agree with him. Aside showing so much arrogance and pure irresponsibility, KM has been full of utter trash. When he couldn’t give good reasons for superintending over the expenditure of about 70m US dollars for the Ghana @ 50, he was bold enough to blame it on someone he persistently referred to as the ‘ghanaian’. This man who claims to be a chartered accountant, could not monitor how monies he had released to the districts was spent and he refused to take responsibility for it. He claims innocence of the misuse of state funds, because nothing was brought to his notice in the castle. God help out homeland Ghana. This is where I have to say, it is not the size of the head on the neck, but the size of the brain in the head, which matters. There is a dis-proportionality in KM’s case.

Did anyone hear him say the tea cups he caused money to be spent on, were meant to instil patriotism in Ghanaian children? I am sure KM and some of his peers still have some of the souvenirs of the early independence days of Ghana. How much patriotism have those things instilled in their heads? If those things could make people become patriotic, how come he and his generation are so corrupt?

Honestly, if this lamedog of a committee is unable to make a good case for the trial and and subsequent jailing of the likes of KM and Tarzan, I shall remain forever hurt, here in the cold.

Worla. 23-10-09.

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