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The Morning after the Vuvuzelas Went Dead

Good morning dear God. As I struggle this morning, to come to terms with what happened to the dreams of a continent, kindly allow me to seek answers to a few questions from you. God, just a little over 24…

USA v Ghana: 2010 FIFA World Cup - Round of Sixteen

It’s me again, Mr. President!!

Sir, the last time I sent you a letter, I didn’t get any response from you directly. But some of your boys did a good job of taking me on while they tried to cover up for you on the…


Procession 1-Hanging Day

Fortunately, I didn’t watch the first half of the Ghana-Netherlands international friendly last night. I got home on time to watch the second half, and honestly, I regretted I did. The Black Stars were just not there. Appiah, Sulley, Quincy…


Touch Not My Annointed

Touch not my anointed ones, do my prophets no harm, 1 Chronicles 16:22″. Indeed, I do not intend to touch God’s anointed one this morning, neither do I wish to do him any harm. Amen.But I definitely do wish to…


When the Shoe is on the Other Leg

These boys must be made to know that they are arrogant, truant, indisciplined; they’ve let themselves down, they’ve let Ghana down, they’ve let their parents down…” I’m trying to quote as closely as possible the closing remarks of a certain…